July is here!!!

I blinked and it is July!!!JULY!!!!!! For crying out loud its JULY!!!!! (Serikali tafadhali saidia)*


It’s 3:45am as I type this. I’m reflecting on how far I have come and how badly I want it to be January 1st not freaking JULY 1st!!!! Or is it just me? Do you also feel as though 2016 is going by too fast?

The thought of how fast the year is moving sends chills down my spine. I’m so scared at how fast life is moving but I am mostly scared of how fast life evolves. Recently, my younger sister turned 18, my close friend moved to India, Patricia Bright got a baby, Meredith Grey got her groove back, Beyoncé gifted us with Lemonade, BREXIT all these  happened in 6months.

With the remaining six months of the year,I have decided to come up with 6 key goals I want to achieve personally, professionally and physically.

Personally I want to:

  1. Join the 5AM club: I am more of a night owl but no successful person goes to sleep at 4am and wakes up at 10am like I do. Seeing as how I’m changing my status to employed I really need to cultivate this habit to be able to deliver the best results. You can read more here.I want to catch the worm!
  2. Invest in my relationship with God: I want to be closer to God, to learn His word and understand my purpose and grow to be the woman He destined me to become. I’m starting off with this devotion guide.

Professionally I want to:

  1. Graduate with honors: You can view my profile here and here.
  2. Get a mentor: By virtue of being a soon to be graduate the career possibilities are endless therefore I need to align my passions to a possible career path and the best ways to be able to make sound decisions is to surround yourself with mentors. You can read more here.

Physically I want to:

  1. Get toned: I am saving all my monies to go for a weekend away at the coast for my 24th birthday in December thus I need my thighs to wiggle a little less and my abs to stop playing ‘peek a boo’ and show up already.
  2. Get healthy: Drink more water and less tea!
    b.) Get my upper lip reconstructed. I’ll write more about this once I get it done. So stick around. 🙂

I believe  these  goals are easier to achieve than my previous long list.

I’m excited for the ‘new year’!!!!

Happy July and may the new half bring you closer to your goals!!

PS: Comment below what B.H.A.G(BigHairyAudaciousGoals) you had at the start of the year and how 2016 has been so far.

Yours Blissfully,

Sarah 🙂

(* the government should help)


6 thoughts on “July is here!!!

  1. Very beautiful article. All the best with the goals and may our Lord show you endless favour. The weight goal works for both of us😂


  2. Finally!!,I’ve been waiting for a post for days,I mean daaaays.
    2016 is moving too fast for me,i gave up trying to catch up
    B.H.A.G …my goal was to have no goals at the beginning of the year,smiles*


  3. Yaaay! Mpaka I have e-mail notifications on… don’t joke!
    Looking forward to God’s unending favour…I have seen him in my life…like never before! All the best…BHAGs will all be a testimony! 😊😊😊😊

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