Poland Chronicles: Part 5.

Happy Wednesday from chilly Nairobi !

Nairobi is currently experiencing it’s ‘winter’ as I type this I am wrapped up like a burrito enjoying a cup of coco. 🙂
I am terribly looking forward for the weekend. I have plans to watch Finding Dory if you have watched it comment below and let me know how you liked it 🙂

For the final part of my Polish series, we went to Auschwitz which is the site of the gravest mass murder in the history of humanity. It remains a memorial that can serve everyone as a mirror of the human soul and a prism for looking deep within ourselves.

This was the hardest trip down memory lane and the pictures are extremely painful. From this experience it became very real to me the impact of intolerance to diversity. I am a firm believer that it is our differences that make us oooh so beautiful.

Our differences in race, tribe, beliefs, height, weight, age, scholarly background, location, orientation are nothing but pieces to the wonderful puzzle we call life. We all need to just stop and marvel at the beauty.

Hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did reminiscing on the time I spent in Krakow 🙂

Catch you soon 🙂

Blissfully Yours,
Sarah 🙂



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