Amsterdam For 15 Hours!

Heeeelloooo Friiiiidaaaay!! 🙂

Have you ever been in transit for more than 5 hours? Or are you planning for a trip and the only option that fits your budget is a long transit? or do you want to make the most out of a short trip?

For today’s post, I talk about an adventure I had in Amsterdam.

I was on my way to Denmark via Schiphol airport and I had to wait 15 hours for my connecting flight. So I arrived in Amsterdam at 6.00am and had breakfast at the cutest little café at the airport and soon after I walked and perused around the duty-free stores to get some perfume and chocolate. By 9.00am, I had seen everything…I mean errrrrrthaaannng!

So I went to the information desk to find out what I could do in the city for a couple of hours. Schengen visa for the win!!! The Dutch authorities were of great help. I got a map, a list of museums, paid for a 24hr metro pass and just like that I was out on my way to discover the city! 🙂 Best decision ever!

PS: As I go through my archive I am so impressed with my amateur phone photography!

Have a splendid weekend.
Catch you guys later! 🙂

Blissfully Yours,



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