July Favorites!

Oh 2016 what’s the rush?

That been said, I have thoroughly enjoyed this month. It’s been short but sweet and I’m even more excited for August. I do hope your month has been great and if it has not do not worry tomorrow is a fresh month and a chance for you start again 🙂

Here are a couple of items that I have found myself reaching out for the most this month. Enjoy 🙂

Blissfully Yours,
Sarah 🙂

PS: As per usual, all pictures were taken by me using my phone! 🙂

Fashion Favorites:

I have been enjoying the cold weather in Nairobi which is very unlike me.
I have mastered the art of layering and also got these cozy knits which were a steal at Toi (a thrift market)



This bag has been my absolute favorite! I want it in 3 other colors!

Beauty & Haircare:


 CK One has been my 2016 scent!
 I got it as a gift and I am so glad i did as it was never a fragrance I’d ever reach for. I like it so much  that I have ordered another bottle!


Before I tried Dove this month, I swore by Nivea fresh deo. This however has left my armpits looking lighter which is why I wanted to try it since it has 0% alcohol. I absolutely love the formula. If you are looking for a new deo, try this!


I was growing tired of cleaning my makeup brushes with my palms. This tool has been so helpful…..it gets all the grim and dirt out.


These two products have been making my wash days so much better. I am in a complicated relationship with my hair and I must say these two have made things easier.

Food Favorites:



Random Stuff:


My phone cover always reminds me to stay grounded and trust the process!


Last but not least, I have really enjoyed my little ol’ blog and I am very excited with all the amazing content I have lined up!
May you have a blissful new month!!! 🙂


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