PS: Be Kind To Yourself!

I WON a giveaway!!! *does a happy dance!!

Sonie Side Up together with Binti’s food ran a giveaway to reward a lucky winner a 3 months supply of honey. 3 MONTHS OF HONEY! All the yummms! I was super excited as honey is one of the most used commodity at home. You see I have 3 sisters so the number of face masks and cups of green tea drunk in the house is a loooot!

Binti’s food is a conscious company that aims to deliver quality and delicious products. So far, they have a range of nut butters and acacia honey. I am yet to try out the butter but I am definitely going to get myself some. You can find these goodies at Healthy U, Zucchinni and Chandarana supermarkets.

Let’s first talk about the founder; Winnie is such an amazing and inspiring person at 23, she runs the company and is so passionate about developing food that is not only delicious but also healthy. One of my 2016 highlights! ❤ ❤ ❤

Secondly the packaging; most of the honey available in Kenya is packed in a plastic jar/bottle and the labels are in green or yellow. Binti’s honey is packed in glass jars and has the prettiest font! I am so eager to DIY the jars after I’m done with the honey.

The honey comes in 3 flavors….yes honey has potential like that!

100% pure acacia honey

Our acacia honey comes from the Kerio Valley region of Kenya. This
semi-arid region produces a wonderfully rich, woody honey with caramel
sweetness. We’ve sourced the highest quality pure honey that will be a
delicious addition to your pantry staples.


Acacia Honey with Orange

Our orange honey is a delicate beauty that will liven up any dish
you’re having from salads to banana bread and everything in between.
Bintis tip: try it slathered on toast with our cashew butter and
a sprinkling of chia seeds and berries on top. Heaven.

ingredients: pure acacia honey, orange extract

 Acacia honey with Cinnamon

Our cinnamon honey is a great addition to your breakfast.
Whether you drizzle it on yoghurt, hot toast with melted butter, porridge or cereal.
Wonder into the realm of savory food with this jar in hand
for guaranteed flavor (we’re looking at you spicy chicken wings)!ingredients: Acacia Honey, Cinnamon extract

I plan on using the honey different ways so stick around for some yummay posts!
Blissfully Yours,
Sarah 🙂

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